The Power Rangers Movie Is a Ludicrous Spectacle That Everyone Should See

I wasn’t planning to see the new Power Rangers movie. I was certainly not planning to love the new Power Rangers movie. Having read Ace’s trailer review without actually watching the trailer itself, I figured I’d put the price of a New York City movie ticket toward something else. Then a friend asked me if I wanted to see it with her, and, on a whim, I agreed. And holy shit, am I glad I did. Was the movie good? Not by any stretch of the imagination. Was it immensely fun and everything I didn’t know I wanted in a movie experience, on top of being more inclusive than pretty much any big-budget ensemble movie I can think of? Absolutely.

Go go Power Rangers. (via denofgeek)

Spoilers after the jump!

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Trailer Tuesdays: Power Rangers 2017

Over the past years, our movies and shows have gotten darker and darker. I’m not sure exactly why this is, but I do know that this stylistic choice definitely doesn’t work with everything. While darkness can more or less be just an aesthetic, we’ve also seen movies become more serious in the storytelling itself, and another annoying trend is the never-ending torrent of origin remakes. This last trend is something I at least understand, if only because studios need to bring in newer audience members, and origin stories are an easy way to do so. Unfortunately, the new Power Rangers movie looks to fit all three of these trends, and I can’t say that I’m super excited about it.

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