Gotham City’s Mental Health Situation

I just finished reading Batman: The Black Mirror. If you’re a DC Comics guy, I suggest you pick it up. It delves deeply into the concept of family and the inherent evil that comes from Gotham City. Also, it introduced me to a truly scary man in James Gordon Jr.

Batman_-_The_Black_MirrorSpoilers for Batman: The Black Mirror begin after the jump.

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Magical Mondays: The Mystical in Middle-earth

I consider the magic that takes place in The Lord of the Rings to be very unique. In many of the current crop of fantasy stories, a human finds out that he or she has a special gift that is construed as magic. He or she uses this newly-found gift to solve some problem, and there is your story.

11534_origThe magic in The Lord of the Rings is interesting to me because, even if magic might be used for the occasional good intention, it actually causes more problems than it solves. Furthermore, none of the beings performing magic are human, or even mortal.

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In Brightest Day: Loki

If you’ve read enough of my articles, you know I’m usually a fan of DC Comics over Marvel. However, with DC’s recent record in the amazing game of “Let’s See How Many People We Can Piss Off,” I’ve started paying more attention to Marvel characters not named Tony Stark.

Hiddleston LokiHere is a shocker: Loki’s character is interesting as hell. But not because of his actions in the movies or comics. It’s not because Tom Hiddleston plays him so well (although he does). It’s the actions before we even see Loki the first time that make him so interesting.

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Sexualized Saturdays: The Doctor Who Issue

Obviously, the Doctor Who fandom is still bathing in the afterglow that was Day of the Doctor. It is at this point that I want to bring up something that has been discussed by a couple people, but never by me.

I am of the opinion that, as long as Steven Moffat is the executive producer of Doctor Who, the show will not be able to grow as a series.


Yeah, I’m using this .gif again. Wanna fight about it?

Pope Alexander recently wrote an article on Moffat’s inability to properly kill characters, so I’m going to avoid that. Instead, I’m going to focus on his inability use the full scope of the human condition. Specifically, the lack of LGBTQ+ relationships.

And this lack of LGBTQ+ relationship is not an LGBTQ+ or heterosexual issue. It’s both.

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An Open Letter to Game Developers

Trigger Warning: strong, derogatory language. All language consists of quotes from another gamer. Please proceed with caution.

Dear Game Developers,

I am coming to you guys as a owner of many games across many mediums. I have been a PC, console and handheld gamer since my parents got me a Nintendo 64 and Game Boy for Christmas. So I’m coming to you as a fan, not an unknowable advocate.

news-graphics-2008-_438896aAnd I’m begging you all to figure out a way to stop bullying in online video games.

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Sexualized Saturdays: It’s Getting Medieval Up In Here

Renly_profileSince Game of Thrones hit the mainstream viewership, I have pondered the concept of alternative sexual lifestyles in the medieval, fantasy setting. It’s an interesting concept, and one that surprisingly hasn’t been touched on much in a lot of famous Middle Age pieces, like the Arthurian legends.

I always found this weird. Anyone who knows anything about Roman and Greek culture knows that homosexuality was not “taboo,” so to speak. Art, stories and historical records talk about LGBTQ+ relationships. Even Zeus had a relationship with Ganymede, who was described by Homer as the the most beautiful mortal ever to exist.

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In Brightest Day: Beaten to the Wicked Punch

I had it all planned out. I was going to write an article about how the musical Wicked, while amazing, gets disabilities wrong with its handling of Nessarose’s paralysis. I was going to complain that when Elphaba “cured” Nessa, the Wicked Witch of the West gave the message that the disabled are broken and need to be fixed. I had it all planned out.

But I got beaten to the punch. And I could not be happier.

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