Trailer Tuesdays: Brave New World

Brave New World marks the second expansion pack for Civilization V. And as of today, it’s available for purchase. I cannot even begin how to explain how excited I am for this game. Brave New World will be adding nine new civilizations, eight new Wonders, and a whole bunch of other features to the gameplay.

Probably most notable feature in this expansion pack that has me excited is the ability to create trade routes between your cities and another civilization. The Cultural Victory has also been vastly changed, and it’s now based on how much Tourism and influence your culture generates on other civs. Arioch’s Well of Souls explains it as such:

Tourism exerts a kind of offensive cultural pressure on the civilizations around you. Tourism is generated by Wonders and buildings that have Great Works or Artifacts housed in them. Tourism is increased with Open Borders agreements (+25%), Trade Routes (+25%), and shared religion. Tourism is countered by the foreign civilization’s own Culture; your Tourism is measured against that Culture, and ranked from “Exotic” (10%) to “Familiar” (30%) to “Popular” (60%) to “Influential” (100%+).

Additionally, the game will also split Great Artists into three separate units, Great Artists, Great Writers, and Great Musicians. These people will be able to generate Great Works that will help increase your culture and tourism. The works themselves will also be based on which great person you generate, since they are all named after historical figures. For instance, Murasaki Shikibu will write you The Tale of Genji, and Ludwig van Beethoven will compose The Fifth Symphony. Furthermore, after researching Archeology, you will be able to get Archeologists who can search for Artifacts to put in your museums, which will also increase your Culture and Tourism.

Another change to the game is the addition of Ideologies, which allows the player to choose between Atrocity, Freedom, and Order. This can be done after building at least three factories. Many of you players may recognize those Ideologies from the Social Policy trees. Your choice of Ideology will impact your relationship with other civs, and these three have been replaced on the trees by Exploration and Aesthetics. Certain Wonders will now only be available depending on which Ideologies and Social Policies you choose. For instance, Tradition unlocks the Hanging Gargens, and Liberty unlocks the Pyramids.

Among many other things, such as new units, new technologies, new city states, there are some minor changes to the religion brought in by the last expansion pack. I already talked about religion in this game and I was more or less underwhelmed by it, but Brave New World looks like it’ll be better to an extent in this regard.

If you don’t play Civilization V, you should probably give it a try, and you should definitely try it with the expansion packs. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting impatiently for Brave New World.