Comedy for Everyone

There’s this idea (where it started, who knows) that there are comedies for different groups of people. With Bridesmaids, we had a comedy for women. With everything that is Tyler Perry, we have comedies for African Americans. We nerds dominate the internet with webcomics such as xkcd and web comedies such as The Guild. Are any of these niche comedies funny to peoples outside of their intended audience, or are those comedies simply not funny to other people? And who’s the audience for all those seemingly more generic comedies?

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Trailer Tuesdays: Pitch Perfect

Possible Spoiler Alert!

Pitch Perfect is loosely based on Mickey Rapkin’s non-fiction novel of the same name, which was about many different a capella groups and how amazingly competitive they are. The movie is about Beca (played by Anna Kendrick) a brand spanking new freshman at fictional Barden University. After making the mistake of singing in the communal shower, Beca is practically forced to join the school’s all-female a capella group: The Bellas. Finding the repertoire boring and old-fashioned, she helps create new and, dare I say, sexy (oh my!) mixes, mash ups, and routines. The Bellas then take on their rivals, the all-male a capella group: The Treblemakers.

The funniest person in the movie will likely be ‘Fat Amy’ played by Australian actress and comedian Rebel Wilson. I was excited to see her in the trailer because I loved her character Brynn, Gil’s vacation visa sister that helps kick Annie Walker (Kristen Wiig) out of the apartment in the movie Bridesmaids. I was hoping to see the hilarious Wilson in more movies and Hollywood, for once, complied.

Another person I am happy to see is Adam DeVine who I know and love from the Comedy Central show “Workaholics.” DeVine plays ‘Bumper’, the head bad boy (asshole) of The Treblemakers. If he is half as funny in this as he is on “Workaholics” I have a feeling Fat Amy and Bumper are going to be the most memorable parts in the movie.

Pitch Perfect has been mostly advertised as a cool “we can accomplish anything” sort of movie, but it has also been called a romantic comedy. Hopefully Pitch Perfect, will only have a little romance on the side and will be awesome and memorable like Bridesmaids and not sappy and annoying like well, a romantic comedy. Pitch Perfect will be in theaters nationwide October 5th!