Trailer Tuesdays: American Gods

I must say that, after reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, I found that I didn’t totally love it. It didn’t leave me as bursting with excitement about the upcoming TV adaptation as I had hoped. However, I decided to check out the trailer anyway, and it actually got me pretty pumped for the show!

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Trailer Tuesdays: Hannibal Season 3

Lordy, lordy. It seems like forever since the dramatic and murderiffic finale of Hannibal‘s second season aired, and in the time that’s passed I almost forgot how hyped I can get about this freaky-ass show. Continue reading

Hannibal: “Naka-Choko” Review

hannibal-season-2-release-date1Another week, another massive escalation of fuckery from Will Graham and friends. Come with me and you’ll see a world filled with unsettling parallelism, terrible life choices, and weird imagery.

In other words, you’re watching Hannibal. Standard trigger warnings apply.

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Hannibal: “Sakizuke” Review

hannibal-season-2While last week’s season premiere was heavily concerned with reminding us of just how much hot water Will Graham’s sitting in, this week’s episode, “Sakizuke”, gives us much more to chew on. Although Will is still very much in the spotlight, this episode offers us more insight into Hannibal’s mind, and Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier gets to be a badass.

Don’t be like me and watch this right before you try to go to bed. Consider this your requisite violence, gore, cannibalism, horror trigger warning. This ain’t for the weak-stomached, folks.

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Hannibal: “Kaiseki” Review

hannibal-season-2When we left off last season, everything was terrible, Abigail might have been (was almost definitely) dinner, and Will had just been imprisoned for Hannibal’s murder spree. Now, finally, after a long and awful HeAteUs and weeks of increasingly upsetting promotional material, Hannibal has returned to TV. My short, spoilerless review of last night’s episode goes something like this: “Oh god I was not ready why did I think doing episode reviews of this show was a good idea where is my blankie.”

…A more coherent and far more spoiler-filled review awaits you after the jump. Also, consider this your requisite trigger warning for discussions of violence, body horror, and cannibalism. It’s Hannibal, after all—what would it be without any of those awful things?

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Hannibal Season One

Horror is certainly not my usual review fare here. I don’t like scary things, or gory things, or creepy things. When NBC’s Hannibal started airing last year, I watched the fandom grow and thought, “no, Saika. We will not start another show about two white guys who are no-homo best buds. Especially not when one of them is a freaking cannibal serial killer, Jesus.”

I held out for a couple weeks at best, staunchly ignoring the beautiful cinematography and brilliant use of social media, and then I heard a rumor that David Tennant might be in an episode as one of the weekly bad guys. That turned out to be a total rumor, but hearing it totally broke my resolve to avoid it, and I found myself drawn in by Bryan Fuller’s re-imagining of the Hannibal universe.

hannibal-posterSlight spoilers below the jump.

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