BrainDead Pilot Lurches Under Expectations

I love watching political dramas, but it’s rare that political dramas (or satires, or comedies) ever intersect with speculative¬†fiction. Aside from the brave president gunning down some space invaders, we don’t usually get a show about the inner workings of American politics which also includes aliens. That’s why I was so excited to hear about CBS’s summer show BrainDead. Not only does it boast a stellar cast, it also posits that gridlock in Washington is a result of brain-eating alien zombies. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, I’d like to posit that BrainDead suffers a little from the zombie infection itself.

braindeadSpoilers after the jump.

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Can Sci-Fi/Fantasy Come Back to Mainstream Television?

The question above is one that I ask myself on a regular basis. Obviously, there will always be a market for science fiction. Heck, SyFy is still bringing in high numbers regularly, and its original programing is quite good. Other cable networks, like TNT, have one or two sci-fi shows packaged into their lineup, while the big stations like Fox and NBC usually have one new sci-fi show a cycle. ABC’s Once Upon a Time¬†is kicking butt right now, and is putting up good numbers despite currently fighting Sunday Night Football for ratings.

However, I consider Once Upon a Time to be an exception, and I worry for its future, particularly since the “Big Four” networks, CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox, all seem pretty disinterested in sci-fi and fantasy programing.

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