Fanfiction Fridays: No Words Left by RedSkittleQueen

rise-of-the-guardians-4No Words Left is yet another amazing character study story done by RedSkittleQueen on AO3 (Queen of the Red Skittle on for the Rise of the Guardians universe. Inside the Wallpaper, which I reviewed last year, was the first story I read by her, and I was blown away. It was dark, heart-wrenching, and at its core, it had some damn good writing and characterization. RedSkittleQueen isn’t my favorite author—her fics are sometimes a little wordy, to name one problem I have with them—but her take on the RotG characters is always spot on. She puts them into tough situations with no easy way out, raises some interesting questions on morality, and the characters are forced to learn and grow from their experiences. That is especially true of No Words Left.

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Fanfiction Fridays: let the girl go by dirgewithoutmusic

Her mother taught her about missing birthdays, recitals, and graduations. Her mother taught her about driving 500 miles on the request of a single phone call and no explanation. When Melinda applied for SHIELD after her bachelor’s no one was surprised.

She got a BA in a little local college, History with an emphasis on 1900s espionage and warfare. She read and wrote about SHIELD’s formation, about the Howling Commandos and the long days of the war. She stopped wanting to grow up to be Steve Rogers. She started wanting to grow up to be Peggy Carter.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had a rough first season, but even though the plot was often nothing to write home about, the show did slowly develop some static characters into some very well-written ones, people with depth and backstory and personality. One of these characters is Agent Melinda May, the star of today’s Fanfiction Friday.

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Fanfiction Fridays: Over-identifying with Sam Winchester

[NOTE: This is my first time using the delayed publish feature, so if this shows up any time other than 12:00 PM on Friday, July 29 I apologize]

Today I’m bringing another fic from the author BehrBeMine, this time a “Supernatural” story. This is a oneshot and it’s the story that really made me love her as an author. It’s titled “The Good Son“.

Now, before reading this you need to think back. Remember the Winchesters as we knew them in the first season, when this story was written. Sam and Dean had a strained relationship due primarily to their issues with their father, and Sam in particular seemed to internalize the conflict the most.

This was one of the things which kept me interested in the show. I was already drawn to it due to the supernatural, horror movie aspect of it and the fact that Jared Padalecki was starring, but this family drama which hit incredibly close to home for me was a big part of why I continued tuning in. I really identified with Sam and this story captures exactly why and I truly have never been so personally touched by a fanfic since. The story isn’t too long but in the concise work the author is able to wonderfully explore and express Sam’s emotions while telling his back story in a somewhat nonlinear method.

The story definitely feels like it was written during the first season since Sammy has changed so much over the course of the show, but I don’t think that makes this piece any less worthwhile or true in its characterization, it’s just that it explores a Sammy who is very much of the past so it can feel somewhat dated.

I recommend this story for all “Supernatural” fans, especially those who connected with Sam from the beginning.

What People Want?: Bioware and the Downloadable Femme Fatale

Bioware is a game company that is responsible for some great characters in this generation of gaming, both female and male. They have this way of fleshing out everyone so that they are complex and interesting to learn about through gameplay. Even the player-controlled characters fall under this routine. However, as in everything good and holy, there are times when characters are treated unfairly based on circumstances that the audience chooses to ignore partially or entirely (such as Queen Anora from Dragon Age: Origins) or on extenuating circumstances outside of the game and its universe. This latter portion is what I hope to be exploring in part today.

Recently, Bioware released a downloadable content for one of their newer games, Dragon Age 2, called ‘Mark of the Assassin’. This DLC stars a new character named Tallis and, from what I have seen, she has met with an overall chilly reception. Accusations fly about how this character is a Mary-Sue. This was my first impression, but in reality, how well do theses assertions hold up? And why is this character considered any worse than other DLC characters, such as Mass Effect 2’s Kasumi Goto? Note that this comparison is not only one concerning the two’s character quests—despite the fact that they are by and large the same quest in a different time period, and the comparison between the two could make an article in and of itself—but also a look at the motivations of each character and how she deals with the problem presented in front of her. It should go without saying but here is your spoiler alert.

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