In Brightest Day: Charlie Brown

Poor Charlie Brown. He really goes through some rough stuff in his life, but that one Christmas… it was a lot to deal with.

I find it ironic that A Charlie Brown Christmas, which preached about the commercialization of Christmas being bad, is now a tool used to commercialize Christmas. The classic Christmas piece is now used more to sell Hallmark cards then preach unity. But at one point, A Charlie Brown Christmas was unique in that it was telling a original story about the true meaning of Christmas.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

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It’s Christmas Time!

Okay, guys. I want to give everyone an idea on what I’m going to be doing for the next month. I love Christmas and don’t get nearly enough time to talk about it, what with the season being only about a month long. There are so many things that I can talk about in terms of critique, but I must be smart with my choices, so here we go.

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