Throwback Thursdays: Sky Dancers

Sky Dancers CartoonRecently, I found myself in a discussion with my sister-in-law about 80’s and 90’s cartoons and how in retrospect, a good deal of them are really bad, but hell if they weren’t fun when I was a kid. And that in turn brought back memories of the Sky Dancers cartoon. After Sky Dancers was released, it rocketed its way to the number one spot on my list of favorite cartoons, where it remained until I discovered Batman: The Animated Series. That was all for the best, because looking back, I can say with all certainty that Sky Dancers did not deserve the pedestal I put it on. All the same, though, I still have fond memories of the story.

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Magical Mondays: Magic as a Coping Method

My-Neighbor-TotoroAs much as I love magic and mythology, I also love delving into a character’s psyche. We have stories like Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, the entirety of the Marvel and DC Universes, among many others, where magic is an actual force of nature that the characters react with and use. But we also have plenty of stories where magic results from a child’s imagination. These are stories like Bridge to Terabithia or My Neighbor Totoro.

Within those universes, we are able to explore how children respond to tragedy or conflict through the imaginary world they create.

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