Theatre Thursdays: Christina DeCicco Appreciation Post


As I mentioned in my Evita post Christina DeCicco is one of my favorite Broadway actresses (I almost had to correct myself and say “musical theatre actresses” but then I remembered that she finally made her Broadway debut and can be classified as a Broadway actress, yay!).

I first heard of her when she joined the Touring Production of Wicked as Glinda. Now let me say that when it comes to Glinda I have some high standards and specific things I want to see in an actress so just because she played Glinda did not mean I would instantly love her. The fact that she played Glinda with intelligence, heart, and ambition was what made me love her.

As always when I fall in love with a performer I mined for recordings of Christina in other shows and found that she had played many roles I loved and played them very well.

After Wicked Christina played Eponine at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia.

As per usual, she knocked it out of the park. Her Eponine was strong and capable and not so pathetic as I think the role can sometimes come off.

Her next role of note was Cindy Lou Huffington in the Off-Broadway production of The Marvelous Wonderettes, a role she took over from Victoria Matlock who played Elphaba opposite Christina’s Glinda in the Wicked tour! I know little of this show other than it was about a group of four former prom queens who made a little singing group to perform pop hits around their town and that Christina got to show off some of her amazing vocals:

(Love how cute you are, love that incredible control over your vibrato)

(Seriously. This video. Don’t tell me you aren’t impressed with the power coming out of this little lady)

Well, hopefully I’ve done Christina some justice with this post. Maybe now you’ll see why I’m so very unable to decide when to see Evita because this young woman is just such a phenom.

Please visit her official website for more info, pictures, videos, etc:

Theatre Thursdays: Evita 2012 Revival

I’m so excited for this revival:

^Footage from the West End where this production played in 2006 and found success with audiences and critics alike.

I think this is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s best show and score and depending on your personal views on Webber this is either saying a lot or not much at all, but regardless I am so happy to see it being revived. As I mentioned, this revival played in London’s West End back in 2006 to very good reviews and I’m thrilled that it’s coming to Broadway with Elena Roger back in the title role.

She’s fantastic. I’ve only read positive reviews of her performance, and she’s one of the only (or perhaps even the only) Argentinean actresses to play Eva which is spectacular. I love Michael Cerveris; he played Sweeney in the 2006 revival of Sweeney Todd and scared the crap out of me. Ricky Martin, I can’t say I was ever a fan or that I know much about him but I’ve heard good things regarding his turn as Marius in Les Miserables back in the day, so I’ve got an open mind.

I’ve got to say though; I’m really torn about seeing the show. As much as I want to see Elena and know she’s a powerhouse, one of my favorite actresses, Christina DeCicco, is the alternate for the role and to finally get to see her on Broadway and in this glorious role…I don’t know if I can resist it. Eva is such an incredible part to play and I would just love to see Christina sink her teeth into the role.

Whether I end up seeing Elena or Christina (hopefully both, that’d be ideal) I know that I’ll be making my way to NYC sometime soon to see this show. I really think this score is phenomenal. It’s grand, moving, and lively and really Andrew Lloyd Webber is at his best when he’s doing rock music. The only score of his that I’ve heard and find as interesting as Evita‘s is that of the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. Even The Phantom of the Opera, his greatest hit, has been called a rock opera masquerading as a classical musical and his most recent flop Love Never Dies received little praise for anything, but the one rock-out number tended to be looked on favorably in most reviews.

Before I go off on an ALW tangent (or worse, one about LND) I’ll wrap this up. This revival looks great. It’s one of my favorite scores for a musical and the principle cast looks to be brilliant in this production.