Doctor Who: The… RPG?

So I far too often find myself in the quandary of trying to explain all of Matt Smith’s plot to my friends.  I’ve gotten pretty good at it, but it can take a while.  Ask my bff Nakura, to whom I once regaled an entire hour’s worth of info over crepes. Little did I know I could just as easily give them this:

(I tried really hard to embed this, but it will only show the link. Rawr).

This is sadly not a real game, just a clever animation by the folks at CollegeHumor.  But BBC take note: I would play this game.  I would play the shit out of this game, and I never play video games.

But anyway, watch and enjoy (or despair?) as Eleven’s shenanigans are summarized far better than you could hope to do, and in a format you wish you could play.  What other shows would you kill to see an RPG for?