Web Crush Wednesdays: Beth Hoyt


Beth In Show, Beth In Show,

It’s not the “Be Thin Show”!

Beth In Show, Beth In Show,

Let’s go!

That’s Beth’s theme song… perhaps it would be best if you actually heard it:

Beth Hoyt is a YouTube personality (I spend a lot of time on YouTube, as is apparent from my web crushes). I first came across her as the host of My Damn Channel Live, which of course I was introduced to by the queen of the internet, Grace Helbig.

After all, all good things on the internet come either from or in association with Grace Helbig.

But Beth is no second fiddle to Grace! She hosted MDC Live four out of five weekdays and did a great job carrying the show; she was personable and had good interactions with the guest stars; she kept the ball rolling and didn’t let it get stagnant which can be tough to do on a live show; and her skits were always great.

I was very happy to spend my weekdays with Beth, but it wasn’t until MDC Live went on hiatus that I checked out her individual YouTube page. Her videos range from her life experiences, interacting with users’ comments, and little skits. I have to say, the skits are probably my favorite and Beth is a really talented character actress.

Beth is also branching out and has become the East Coast guinea pig host of Dirty Little Beauty Secrets on The Stylish Vids.

I find Beth so very entertaining and hopefully MDC Live will return for a second season soon because she was great on it. Until then, check out her YouTube page and Twitter to keep up with her and her comedy. She’s definitely worth a subscription.