Sherlock @ Comic Con

Sadly, neither Benedict Cumberbatch nor Martin Freeman could go to Comic Con. Happily, however, they sent video messages. And they’re below for your viewing pleasure.

General observation: the sunglasses really make the Bilbo costume. That’s where the compliments to Martin Freeman end however. Because while we know Freeman as an actor, we (or at least I) don’t know him as a person. And here’s the thing with humor: if you do not have an fairly intimate relationship with the person you are joking with, any joke has to be over-the-top and obvious. While I believe Freeman was in fact joking about attacking people, his delivery made me think a couple times about whether he was being serious. And that makes it an unsuccessful joke.

On to our second segment. Benedict Cumberbatch is frickin’ adorable. And funny. To be honest, I really had no idea what was going on in the first half of his message; I was distracted by his rather good looks. But the concept of him trying to spoil us and being thwarted was an interesting idea and rather well executed. And it helps that Benedict Cumberbatch is gorgeous.

I’m sorry, I really didn’t intend to make this into a fan girl post. But that sort of happened in the last paragraph. Sorry. But Sherlock is coming back! And it’s this fall, which is honestly sooner than I thought. Either that, or Sherlock Series 2 ended longer ago than I remember. Either way, we have more things to be excited about, including Benedict Cumberbatch.

Post-San Diego Comic Con: Superman/Batman and its Implications

(WARNING: Man of Steel spoilers. So, you know, if you won’t want to be spoiled, go do something else.)

Let me get this out of the way first: I could not be more excited about the prospect of a Superman/Batman live-action movie. Batman is my favorite comic story, and Superman is just awesome because he’s Superman. Don’t question it.

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But with excitement comes fear. Absolute fear of how badly Zack Snyder can screw this up. But there is one quick, clean, and easy way to fix my fears.

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Trailer Tuesdays: The Walking Dead

Okay, while I fan-girl out, you guys can watch this:

The Walking Dead season three trailer came out at Comic-Con, and I know I cannot be the only one spazzing out about this. As a fan of the show and as a fan of the comics, October cannot arrive fast enough for me. Now, obviously, the show deviates from the comics quite a bit—such as with the death of Sophie in season two and keeping Shane alive until the second-to-last episode—but I like that. I can always count on a surprise.

And while I freaked out at all the shots of Michonne, I think the part that got me was Merle. I have been waiting for this racist Neo-Nazi to come back and screw things up for two seasons now, so it’s about time. Furthermore, while I liked the inclusion of other humans in the second season, the one whom they captured only existed as a means of causing internal strife within the group, and I hated those episodes. You can read about it in my The Walking Dead review here. So it’s also about time we get to see some more humans.

I have high expectations for this show. What about the rest of you?