Steven Universe #1: A Great Comic (For Someone Younger than Me)

Gentle readers, you may or may not know that I love me some Steven Universe. You may or may not also know that a new Steven Universe ongoing comic series debuted earlier this week.

I’m usually not that interested in comics series that are directly tied to ongoing series—for example, although I liked the various six-issue Adventure Time series that delved into the backgrounds of characters who might never get a lot of showtime, I never really felt the urge to pick up the actual Adventure Time comic. However, I broke with my personal tradition this week to try out the new Steven Universe series, because, well, I love me some Steven Universe.

Spoilers for #1 below the jump!

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Comic Review: Dragon Age, Now with Bonus Feels

Between late 2012 and early 2014, in what was undoubtedly one of the best ideas ever (right up there with Kinder Surprise Eggs and the bendy straw), the Bioware gods saw fit to create an original Dragon Age comic series. The three-part comic miniseries stars characters from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, as well as several original supporting characters, and follows King Alistair of Ferelden and a few new friends of his on a quest to find his father, who is missing and had been presumed dead.

Accompanying Alistair (who featured prominently in Origins) are Varric Tethras and Isabela, who were companions/party members in Dragon Age II. The trio follows a trail of clues through Thedas to help Alistair in his quest, becoming caught up in the centuries-old Tevinter-Qunari conflict and getting trapped in the magical limbo known as the Fade. In addition to the familiar characters and settings, the series introduces several new people and places and expands on the world already established in the games. While the plot and characters are definitely more appealing to someone who is already at least somewhat familiar with Dragon Age, the storytelling and art are solid, and it is not strictly necessary to have played all the games or played all of them in their entirety to follow the plot.

*points* Art.

*points* Art.

Spoilers for the whole Dragon Age comic series under the jump!

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A Review of Seconds: A Second Helping of Scott Pilgrim

The cast of SecondsShortly after writing this article, I learned about Bryan Lee O’Malley’s new graphic novel Seconds. I was happy to hear that the main character was a renowned chef with her own restaurant, yet I was a bit worried. Sure, Scott Pilgrim was an entertaining movie and comic, but there are a number of issues I had with the story and the character development. Was this meant to be a wild ride like Scott Pilgrim, or was it going to fulfill the promise of a more mature story? 

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Web Crush Wednesdays: Satan and Me

There are days when you want to seek out something meaningful, something that begs your immediate undivided attention. Then there are days when you just want to look at something silly and a little bit sweet. Today, I’m more than pleased to serve you a big ol’ helping of the latter.

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