Self-Care & Geeky Shows to Help You Deal with the Rise of Facism

I don’t know about you all, but I have been struggling a bit recently. It’s hard to deal with life when you wake up every day trying to figure out what damage the current administration has done to your country and the rest of the world. During times like these, self-care is really important. Yes, we need to stay proactive and keep fighting, but we also need to remember to take a break and recharge ourselves once in a while. I always turn to my favorite geeky shows to help me recharge. A┬álot of geeky media is about fighting the government/powers that be, which is great, and sometimes, that is exactly what I need. But other times it’s nice to just forget about fighting the good fight. So here are some of my go-to favorite geeky self-care shows that’ll let you relax, at least for a little while.

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For World Builders and Character Lovers Alike


Have you ever found yourself losing track of your characters? Ever wanted a definitive place online where you can receive tips and perhaps collaborations within different universes, canon or otherwise? Then have I got the site for you. Charahub is a site that literally just opened as a resource for budding authors/rp-ers and a convenient library for character compilation. I just joined a couple seconds ago, but from what I’ve seen so far it has a clean design and an easy to navigate interface. As it is in beta still, some bugs are to be expected but I fully anticipate this becoming one of the major hubs for writers. Perhaps not as big as LiveJournal or even WordPress, but with its own following.

Signing up is free (as you can probably guess since I joined) but you need a “secret password” to finish registration. This is easily gotten by liking their facebook page. Alternately, you can wait until it comes out of beta and see if that little password dispersal.