Fanfiction Fridays: Ironsides

“Are you always going to be this way?” Daddy asks her, when she’s five.

Antonia, dangling off the barrel of a cannon Daddy’s working on, considers it. “What way?”

“This way. Here, getting underfoot, playing with guns.”

She pauses, and then with a toss of curly hair, says, “Probably. A child’s personality and inclinations are set by the age of five.”

She read that in a book Mommy had and didn’t want her to read. Mommy doesn’t want Antonia to know that she’s worried about her. Antonia’s not upset; Mommy will see she doesn’t have to worry. (Tony will figure out in about two decades that the book was wrong, anyhow.)

Her father looks down at her, shoves a wrench in his pocket, and says, “Well, then you might as well learn something useful.”
–from Ironsides by Copperbadge

I’ve written about genderbending before, and the fic that I’m reccing today is an excellent example of genderbending done well. Copperbadge’s Ironsides asks the question: What would have happened if Howard Stark had married Peggy Carter and Tony Stark had been born a girl instead of a guy?

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