It’s Totally Not Objectification You Guys: More Bullshit in Video Games

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We’ve all had it, that moment where all we want to do is gently place our finger against someone’s mouth and tell them “shhhh”. While shooshpapping will never work its way into the discourse, shaking one’s head in disappointment is going stronger than ever.

There are several corners of the gaming sphere I don’t slink into, and the FPS (first person shooter) genre is one of them. While I enjoyed games like Destiny and Left 4 Dead, both of those games had other enticing elements to them that made me stay. This intro is to say that while I’m speaking of Halo, I honestly don’t know anything of its canon, and as much as I look things up, there will be things I’m missing simply because I didn’t experience the game as its huge fanbase did. The much anticipated release of Halo 5: Guardians has come and gone, and the hype is real. So I guess franchise chief Frank O’Connor decided it was a great time to drop some lore explanations down for Halo’s followers. Keeping my disclaimer in mind, I have yet to run into a Halo fan who truly believes O’Connor’s addition was beneficial to the series, or that it even made any sense.

Spoilers for Metal Gear Solid 5 under the cut.

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This Week in Video Game Things That Are Pissing Me Off

So, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is upcoming for the PS3 and PS4. That’s probably pretty exciting news, and the game will serve as capstone to the MGS era of Hideo Kojima’s career. So, a reasonably big deal. In case you didn’t see it, here’s the trailer from E3:

quiet_kojima_mgsvOkay. So, the other day, a funny thing happened. Dan Ellis, who works for 343i, a game developer known for its work on the Halo series, got on Twitter and called out Kojima on some new character design. MGSV will feature a sniper character, supposedly fairly important to the story, named Quiet. She appears to the right. Ellis referred to the character design as “disgusting,” and would later go on to tweet that he was in an industry “full of man babies.”

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