Fanfiction Fridays: The Miserable Diaries by Framboise

This is an oldie but goodie, folks. One of my favorites from waaaay back in the day, like, eleven years ago back in the day, when I spent most of my free time reading and re-reading all the Les Miserables fanfiction on the internet and roleplaying as a street thief on some long-dead forum. Ah, sixth grade.

Seemed appropriate despite the lack of any real Valjean or Javert presence in the story. Art by Kate Beaton.

Seemed appropriate despite the lack of any real Valjean or Javert presence in the story. Art by Kate Beaton.

I guess I would describe The Miserable Diaries as a humorous, journal-style glance into the heads of each of the primary members of Les Amis de l’ABC. It’s done in a Bridget Jones-y style, rife with abbreviations, dropped articles, and missing subject pronouns. It has six chapters, each dedicated to a different revolutionary.

normal_LESMISSTILL-008This fanfic is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever read, and goddamn have I read a lot of fanfic, but I will warn that it may not be as funny to people who aren’t familiar with both the original book and the musical. Framboise mixes references to each delightfully and to great comedic effect, but if you don’t know a bit about the backstory of each of the Amis de l’ABC (Bossuet is bald, Joly spells his name with four L’s and is a hypochondriac, Feuilly likes Poland and making fans a lot, etc.) the humor specific to each entry may fall a little flat. Here are some quotes to give you a taste of what it’s like:

From Enjolras’ diary:

28th May, 1832
Lamarque is dead! Lamarque! His death is the hour of fate!
Hatching plans for insurrection post-haste. Is all terribly exciting much like Christmas only with more death.

From Coufeyrac’s diary:

June 1st, 1831
Called police re: Marius turning into psychopath. Talked to slightly grumpy and blatantly insane bloke with v. impressive sideburns for thirty seconds before he accused me of being an ex-convict from Toulon. Swore innocence but he told me he’d heard such protestations every day for twenty years and to save my breath and save my tears. V. unprofessional – would report him to his superiors but think he may be the only policeman in France.

From Feuilly’s diary:

February 3rd, 1832
Have been doing Pilates as part of Self-Improvement Thing. Enjolras v. huffy when told about this and said if anyone was going to do Pylades round here it was him. Rather lamenting lack of Classics knowledge, as Courfeyrac literally wet himself laughing.

If this sort of humor is to your tastes, hit up The Miserable Diaries and have a few laughs!

Fanfiction Fridays: A Higher Form of War by gdgdbaby

You know how sometimes you don’t realize you wanted something until someone comes along and hands it to you on a silver platter complete with fanart and your fandom OTP?

This fic is that thing.

Imagine a world where Nick Fury has, because of reasons, allowed the entire S.H.I.E.L.D. staff to engage in a paintball battle on the Helicarrier.  Last man (or woman) standing gets a favor from Fury.

Take a second and just imagine the greatness there.

Obviously the Avengers are going to team up and kick some ass, but Steve and Tony’s massively unresolved sexual tension needs to get dealt with before it causes a problem.

This is my favorite kind of crackfic, because it is written so seriously. It’s like the fic where the Master is an octopus. It doesn’t punch you in the face with slapstick goofiness and out-of-character portrayals—it’s funny because it’s a totally ridiculous situation protrayed in a ridiculously serious way.

So basically here’s the deal: Excellently written Avengers crackfic, Natasha badassery, Steve/Tony UST, Coulson being the equivalent of a nuclear strike against the other paintballers, all bundled up with the beautiful companion art seen above.  It’s 8,200 words of pure genius, and I recommend everyone check it out.