Trailer Tuesdays: How to Train Your Dragon 2 Teaser

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen the first movie—which was all sorts of awesome—and I’m even more excited for this one. The movie is based off a series of twelve books by Cressida Corwell, and from what I know about the books, since I haven’t read them, is that they don’t have that much in common with the movie, outside character names. Unfortunately, I’m also further lacking in my How to Train Your Dragon knowledge, as I haven’t watched the television show either. I probably won’t get caught up on that for a while yet.

What I do know is that the first movie was amazing—and though we can’t tell much from this teaser, I hope this one will be just as awesome. One of the things that I liked about the first movie was Toothless. Not because he’s cute, not because everything about him is endearing, but because he’s disabled. Due to Hiccup’s own actions, Toothless’s tail is injured, and now Toothless cannot fly without the aid of a prosthetic that Hiccup made for him. Additionally, at the end of the first movie, Hiccup loses a leg, making them both disabled characters.

Though we see Toothless as disabled for most of the movie, Hiccup isn’t injured until the very end, and I really want to see how How to Train Your Dragon 2 will handle that. There doesn’t seem to be much out in the way of a synopsis for this movie, but according to Wikipedia, it is the second in a trilogy, and so far, the plot seems to be as follows:

[Hiccup] discovers a larger conflict brewing between humans and dragons and he finds himself at the center of it.

Hiccup is also going to come across new dragons and meet different people from other cultures. So far, it sounds like a bundle of everything I love.