Web Crush Wednesdays: Princess Love♥Pon

When I was a child, I hated the color pink. In fact, I hated anything stereotypically “girly” because I didn’t want to be lumped in with “those girls” when most of my friends were boys. As I’ve grown, I’ve also come to re-embrace many of the girly things that I denied myself in the past, pink being one of them. And, readers, I don’t think there’s anything more pink, cute, and fluffy than the webcomic Princess LovePon, and I love it.

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Generation Avex: ‘Lipstick’ by Orange Caramel

If you ever want to listen to cutesy K-pop, look no further than Orange Caramel. Their brazen cuteness is perhaps only challenged by the J-pop band, AKB48, but for their newest single, ‘Lipstick’, they seem to be following other female K-pop bands with a sexier look. …Relatively.

As you can see, the outfits are a little more skintight than a usual “cute” band in some parts, but it’s not overdone. I like that the moves are still a little less overtly sexual, especially compared with some artists in America and other Korean artists. In fact, I think they look adorable in most of their outfits—the gift bow-inspired black pantsuit ensemble is a little showgirl-y, but it’s in only about five seconds of the song, so I can forgive it. I think what I like about the fashion the best in ‘Lipstick’ is that the love interest looks like a complete dork. Also, I find that all of the sets for this video are nicely colored in that they are still colorful, but the artists/actors still pop. They also look like they’re having a ton of fun!

This song is insanely catchy. The chorus is done in a tempo akin to a nursery rhyme so even if you don’t know the words you’ll probably catch yourself humming the tune. The upbeat, pop sound, while some may not like it, I think is really refreshing. So often these days we have dark, deep beats or synth music. This is just simple, straight up in your face pop. It’s easy and I can appreciate it for that. Someday I’m sure I’ll be saying how I want Orange Caramel to step outside their comfort zone and try something new, but today is not that day.

Lyrics-wise, it almost seems to be a rebuttal to ‘Gangnam Style’ (I know, what a weird thing to compare it to). Whereas PSY’s song is all about finding that perfect girl that fits a certain criteria, ‘Lipstick’ starts out with, “How can you have such high standards?” Which may seem like they’re complaining, but damn it, why shouldn’t they? In an industry where all the audience hears is about so-and-so’s 6-pack or so-and-so’s fine ass, and every other perfection that most of us could never be bothered to have, it’s nice to hear someone say, “you need to calm down” in song form. They also seem to enjoy talking about the love interest’s imperfections as things they like about them. Or, rather they seem to be exaggerating the qualities this love interest has in a way that it sounds like their vision is clouded by love rather than true facts. Maybe it’s just how the love interest is portrayed in the video that’s making me think that, though.

I give this song four ping-pong balls out of five: I love the song but it’s missing that little je ne sais quoi to make it really impact me.