Dark Matter and More Annoying Tropes

Dark Matter CastDark Matter can be a rather polarizing story. There are a lot of things about the show that I like, such as the nitty-gritty feel, the characterization, and both the internal and external conflicts our protagonists have to deal with. I absolutely adore what Dark Matter has to tell us about redemption and identity, and I look forward to what will hopefully be more worldbuilding in Season 2. But specifically, I love how Dark Matter takes common tropes and attempts to subvert them.

Unfortunately, as I talked about in an earlier review, the show doesn’t always know what it’s doing, and sometimes while subverting one trope, it simply gives into others. This can make watching Dark Matter a bit of a chore at times. Some of the better examples of this can be seen through the characters Five and One.

Spoilers up ahead.

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Sexism in the Future and Female Representation in Dark Matter

Dark Matter CastBased on a comic book by the same name, the sci-fi show Dark Matter certainly captured my attention with its interesting premise and diverse cast. Six people wake up from stasis aboard a spaceship that looks as though it was sabotaged while they were asleep. Unfortunately, during the damage, something went wrong with their stasis pods and all of them lost their memories. Our ragtag crew soon discovers that they are all some of the most wanted criminals in the galaxy.

The show delves into a lot of different issues, some of which it unfortunately doesn’t have enough time to fully explore (but the groundwork to do so is definitely there for future seasons). Our characters spend the first, and so far only, season working through their identity issues and discovering that the people they were in the past don’t have to define who they are now. While I wouldn’t call Dark Matter a specifically feminist show, it does have some really good female representation and interesting commentary about sexism. There are so many different things to talk about that I wasn’t sure where to even begin when writing this, and even then, I couldn’t fit everything into just this one post. For now, I’m going to focus on two characters designated as Two and Android and talk about the other female characters in a future post.

Spoilers below.

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