Sexualized Saturdays: Ace’s Top 10 Headcanon Asexual Characters

Asexual flagWell, it’s that horrible, horrible time of year again, when Lady Geek Girl forces all of us here to list our Top 10 fanon and canon pairings, successfully turning our blog and mission of equality into a giant shipping war for a day. This post, however, is not that list. You’ll get that later on today, but in the meantime, let’s talk about asexual characters. Asexuality is not well represented in popular culture, and when it is, it’s not represented very well. Unfortunately, this leaves me with very few characters I can related to sexually. Coming to my rescue, though, are headcanons. Headcanons are hardly the same thing as representation in the source material, but at least they’re something.

So without further ado, here are my Top 10 characters who I think could be asexual.

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The Walking Dead: “Coda” Midseason Review

The Walking Dead started off this season on the happiest note I have seen on the show in a while. It was nothing but smiles, hugs, kisses, and old friends being reunited with one another. And honestly, it was a refreshing break from all the horribleness in the previous seasons.

2-The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-PromoIt was also rather awful to watch, since by the very nature of the show, we could tell that something completely heartbreaking and/or bloody would happen to at least one of the characters in the near future to ruin the moment. And The Walking Dead did not leave us waiting long. Only two episodes later, a couple survivors from Terminus ambushed our group, knocked one of them out, and kidnapped him. And it was all downhill from there.

Trigger warning for mentions of rape and sexual abuse.

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The Walking Dead: “No Sanctuary” Review

2-The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-PromoWell, The Walking Dead has finally returned for what will be another season I will probably both love and hate. In the season opening, despite how we last left our characters—they were about to be cannibalized by the people at Terminus—we surprisingly have no major character deaths and even get a happy ending for once.

Spoilers ahead.

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Trailer Tuesdays: The Walking Dead Video Game

Well, in light of the new season premiering just two days ago, I found this for everyone. Enjoy.

I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news, for all of you getting your hopes up, but it’s been my personal experience that video games based on preexisting source materials, like movies and television shows, suck. Now, that’s not to say I think all of them are bad. There have been some that have been very well done. See: Arkham Asylum. So I doubt this will be a complete waste of time. It’s also not just a run-through of what’s already happened in the show. Furthermore, both Daryl and Merle are original characters who don’t appear in the comics, which gives the writers of this game a lot more room to work with.

At best, this game will just add a few more layers to an already well-developed world and make the characters all the more interesting. At worst, well, I think we’ve all played games that have been there.