DC Nation: The Coolest Wonder Woman You’ve Seen in Years

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of DC Comics. I have about four or five DC characters that I actually care about, outside of those directly related to Batman, because Batman is freaking awesome. Those few characters do have a special place in my heart though, and one of them is Wonder Woman, who never really gets her due, especially in film.

So, imagine my joy when I found out that there were some animated shorts devoted to Wonder Woman, hopefully as a hint that there would be more Wonder Woman action on the Western Front. They could best be summarized by saying that they, in three parts, portray the rescue of Steve Trevor by Wonder Woman, who is at all times behaving like a stone cold G. She surfs, races, and straight-up trucks her opponents, all without missing a beat or messing up her hair. If you’re wondering what kind of Wonder Woman film I’d like to see, you can stop wondering. The 70s style, the invisible pony car, Giganta in Chucks, need I go on? Go ahead and check them out:

These are a part of DC Nation, which does shows and shorts specifically for young audiences based on DC Comics. Here’s hoping that there’s more Wonder Woman swag to come!

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Bat Man of Shanghai

The DC Nation block on Cartoon Network has put out some pretty awesome things, and this set of videos is one of my favorites.

It reimagines Batman as a warrior in 1930s Shanghai, and if that weren’t cool enough, it also includes Catwoman and Bane. Check out this awesome trio of shorts:

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