Going Forward to Go… Backward… The Continuing Adventures of Digimon Adventure tri.

Anyone still watching Digimon Adventure tri.? I don’t blame you if you aren’t—the original action-adventure shounen has turned into a plodding slice-of-life show about growing up, and if you aren’t into that, the pacing of this show will be extremely annoying to you. I decided to review the next two films in the series, “Determination” and “Confession”, together, as the action is fairly minimal. What the series does focus on is character development, but unfortunately, many of the character arcs seemed to retread character arcs that they had already dealt with in the original series.

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Digimon Adventure tri.: Digimon’s Grown-Up Reunion Party

digimon adventure triWhen Digimon Adventure tri. was first announced as a thing, the creative team said that it would be out in April of this year. That clearly didn’t happen, and as time went on, the release date kept getting pushed further and further back, until I lost all track of when this show was supposed to be released. It wasn’t until I saw some weirdly complete Tumblr gifsets over the Thanksgiving break that I realized the show finally was out. And so, abandoning my turkey, I rushed to my computer to watch the show.

Despite the new series only being available in subbed Japanese, this review generally uses the American names for characters, since that’s what I’m used to using. Slight spoilers after the jump!

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Trailer Tuesdays: Digimon Adventure tri.

You guys, I never thought this day would come. No, like, literally, I never thought this day would come because Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02 already ended with all the protagonists saving the world, and there was even a terrible Harry Potter-style epilogue in which all the wrong people got married and had kids.

But then this appeared on the internet.

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