Magical Mondays: Dragon Ball Z, Raising the Dead, and a Lack of Consequences

I love Dragon Ball Z. I used to watch it all the time as a kid. I still read fanfiction for it, and I follow the amazing Dragon Ball Multiverse fancomic. The story has also become a cultural icon, and it is probably one of the more well-known manga today. As much as I adore this story, though, I have to admit that I always wanted more from it. DBZ is more or less about a bunch of super martial artists who have banded together to save the world from alien invasions, cyborgs, monsters, and any and all villains that they find. Along the way, a good number of our DBZ fighters die, including the main character. Multiple times.

Shenron_Granting_Garlic_Jr's_WishDBZ is so named because within this universe, there are seven magical balls that, when gathered, summon a giant Dragon. This Dragon has the ability to grant a person any wish, including bringing people back from the dead. While a neat idea, this is also unfortunately problematic for creating suspense. It removes consequences from the story, and that only hurts the narrative.

Spoilers for all of DBZ below.

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Skyrim: Ponies Special Edition

Skyrim is a little more satisfying, a lot more cute, and way more friendship-killing than ever with this Skyrim mod. Want to watch ponies torch the general public of Skyrim? Think of your delight as the ponies vomit fire and ice upon your dragonborn ass. The only thing this mod is missing is gigantic hunks of pony meat to loot from the corpses. I can only hope that this mod is expanded upon in the future, adding more ponies than just Fluttershy, gigantic hunks of pony meat, and friendship-is-forever armor (craftable from the adorable pony’s bones, of course).