Nerd News: JRR Tolkien’s Nobel Prize chances dashed by ‘poor prose’ | Books |

Nerd News Update!

Once again nerds scream in outrage over this grievous injustice!!

“The Lord of the Rings might have spawned a thousand pallid imitations,been crowned the UK’s best-loved book and sold millions of copies around the world, but according to newly declassified documents, it was damned by the Nobel prize jury on the grounds of JRR Tolkien‘s second-rate prose.”

Well screw you Nobel prize jury! You apparently don’t know shit, especially considering that you also passed over Lawrence Durrell, Robert Frost, Graham Greene, and EM Forster. What is the world coming to that we can no longer trust an organized committee?

Legolas is not amused.

Take heart though, my fellow nerds! We will overcome this tragedy by boosting the sales of every Lord of the Rings product just to prove a point to the Nobel prize jury. *nod nod*

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