Web Crush Wednesdays: Emma Approved

Web Crush WednesdaysThis week’s web crush is the just-concluded webseries Emma Approved. Brought to you by Pemberley Digital, the creators of the wonderful Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Emma Approved is an excellent modern adaptation webseries of Jane Austen’s Emma.

A few slight spoilers for the webseries below.

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Once Upon a Time: A Midseason Review

TVilicious-Once-Upon-a-TimeSo one week ago, Once Upon a Time also had its midseason finale. If I had to choose between which show I liked better, The Walking Dead or Once Upon a Time, I would go with The Walking Dead. It’s just more focused, I guess you could say, whereas Once Upon a Time has a habit of introducing new characters every other episode, and while I’ve yet to feel as though the show doesn’t know what to do with them all, I could very easily see that happening. And my only real problem with the numerous characters is that I don’t get to spend as much time with other characters. This is kind of a mixed feeling, because for the most part, I haven’t really come across a character that I don’t like.

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Trailer Tuesdays: Once Upon a Time

It’s another Trailer Tuesdays and its time… for Once Upon a Time.

So ABC has a new TV show from the creators of Lost. Yeah… I know. Lost, near the end and even in the middle had a lot of negative reviews. But maybe this time around they will do better with a fantasy show.

Once Upon a Time really does look interesting with a neat twist that reminds me a lot of the comic book Fables. Furthermore, the focus seems to be on Snow White, the Wicked Queen, and Emma (Little Red Riding Hood…?), which means we’ll have a mostly female cast.

It airs tomorrow so let’s hope for a great show and not a flop.