Oh, My Pop Culture Jesus: The Emperor’s New Groove

You guys, we are starting to get into random desperate topic time. You have been warned. Enjoy the ride.

So in the midst of all of the power outages and natural chaos that was Hurricane Sandy, I found myself frequently wallowing in my office, which had head, alongside my co-workers, their children, their children’s friends, their nieces, their sisters-in-law, their aunt-in-law, and ex-husbands. So as you can probably imagine, I got no work done. And when one of the kids turned on The Emperor’s New Groove, I totally gave up all attempts at work and sat and watched it.

But it got me thinking: Disney left out a heck of a lot of stuff about Incan religion. And while Disney isn’t exactly known for making factually-accurate movies, it doesn’t mean that I’m not going to give them a buy.

So the Incans (if I’m not confusing my native Latin American tribes) worshiped their emperors like gods. In the movie, Kuzco definitely gets that kind of treatment. But I what I found so interesting is how quickly they forgot about him and switched to Yzma. Well, I guess that Kuzco wasn’t the nicest person and the movie needed to keep itself moving, but still. Not to mention if Yzma got found out for trying to assassinate him, she would probably been sacrificed.

And speaking of sacrifices, there were no mentions of Incan religion in this movie. Granted, a religion that largely revolves around ritualistic sacrifice probably isn’t the best for a Disney movie, but it still could have been referenced a little bit. It would be like making a movie about the Amish without including anything about religion.

Bizarrely enough, the waitress in the restaurant says Mazel Tov, so I guess there can be Jewish Incans?

Finally, the llamas. While llamas were used as pack animals by the lower classes, to the upper classes they were a symbol of their nobility; llama figurines were buried with the dead. In addition, Urcuchillay, a multicolor llama deity, protected the animals and was worshiped by Incan herders.

So there you have it. If you feel like I’ve killed the movie a little, don’t be sad. I could have killed it for you like my college history professor killed it for me.

Fanfiction Fridays: Howabout a crossover?

I avoid crossover fic like the plague. It just takes so much to be done right, and I have gotten finicky about what I’ll actually spend time reading these days.

So here’s the backstory to the discovery of this fic: When I was about 13, I read all the existing Les Miserables fanfic on the internet. Like literally all of it. A few months ago, I realized that the Archive of Our Own (aka AO3), being a relatively new fanfiction archive, might have untapped Mizzie fanfic for the reading, and I happily wandered over to their Les Mis section.

Imagine my confusion when, amidst all the sad stories of doomed gay revolutionary love, I discovered this title:

“The Host Club’s Refreshing Interdimensional Tour

It… it couldn’t be.

Did they mean… Ouran High School‘s host club?

Oh, yes, they did.

The premise of this beautiful work of staggering beauty: Tamaki, having been unfortunately allowed to watch some sci-fi, decides he wants a time machine. A staggering investment of Ohtori funds later, the club finds themselves with a dimension-hopping vehicle, which they dub “Super-Delicious Strawberry Cake, since no one can think of a good reason to object”.

They visit (among other stories) the Enterprise circa Star Trek TOS, Sunnydale, the Fire Nation, the Andes ofThe Emperor’s New Groove, and Amestris, wreaking havoc and leaving greatness in their wake.

This fic is great for a number of reasons: the characterization is spot-on, making it seem like this is just a lost episode of OHSHC that never aired. The writing is clever and often hilarious, and the situations presented are goofy but perfect. (Honey and Mori fight in the 1832 June Rebellion for the revolutionaries, with whom half-French Tamaki sympathizes extraordinarily, hence why this was tagged in the Les Mis section of AO3.)

Anyway, this fic is perfect and hilarious and you should all go read it now. Find it here at the Archive of Our Own.