In Brightest Day: Teen Wolf’s Erica Reyes and Chronic Illness

Hey all, today marks the beginning of Invisible Illness Awareness Week, and I wanted to draw attention to invisible, chronic illness in pop culture media, if indeed there was any representation. Since I am someone living with a chronic illness, this is very important to me. As you may know by now, Teen Wolf is a show that is near and dear to my heart (i.e. an obsession) and Season 2 introduced the character of Erica Reyes, an epileptic high school student who becomes a werewolf. Despite the fact that lycanthropy acted as a cure for her illness, she still helps paint a picture of some of the issues surrounding those with chronic illness. But how accurate was her portrayal? What was problematic and what was done well?

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Teen Wolf Season 3A: This Might Hurt.

[Warning for Spoilers]

Lady Saika: Well, Lady Geek Girl has dragged me into this fandom as well, and I have to say: the season three tagline was a bit of an understatement. “Might” hurt? My ass.

But now we’re on hiatus (does the Teen Wolf fandom have a silly word for hiatuses like Supernatural‘s ‘hellatus’ and Hannibal‘s ‘he-ate-us’? Howlatus?) until January, and we can sit back, lick our wounds, and collect our thoughts about the first twelve episodes of season three.

Lady Geek Girl: Now, Madame Ace and I have delved into Teen Wolf before. We discussed both seasons one and two, as well as feminism in Teen Wolf and race issues in Teen Wolf. I have praised Teen Wolf before, because, while not perfect, it is a very feminist show. This season I had high hopes for the show to continue with its usual feminist themes. And while we still have many strong female characters and feminist themes, the ladies certainly took a hit this season.

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