A Hero at the End of the World: How is Big Bang Press’s First Release?

Around this time last year, I brought you a web crush and a link to a Kickstarter for Big Bang Press. Now, just to recap, Big Bang Press is an independent publishing company that dedicates itself to guiding fanfic authors into the wider world of publishing, while also making books that fandom would be proud of; that is to say, books that have diverse characters and relationships. I donated some money to the Kickstarter and, as a result, the first book, A Hero at the End of the World, arrived in my mailbox this past weekend. Should you get the book when it’s publicly released on the 11th? And how well did Big Bang Press serve as a press that’s explicitly dedicated to connecting fandom writers and the larger publishing world?

a hero at the end of the world coverThoughts on both those questions, and some slight spoilers for the book, after the jump.

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