Oh, My Pop Culture Religion: The Leftovers Season 2

I first came aboard this blog, oh so many moons ago, with The Leftovers, HBO’s enigmatic drama about life after the rapture-like Departure. Somehow, we’re just now getting to Season 2.

You’re probably not watching this show. Most people are not watching this show. But you should be watching this show. Yes, the name makes it hard to find on Tumblr, unless you’re equally interested in tips on spicing up last night’s dinner.


I am!

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Bonus: the Ninth Doctor is in it! Remember how we all used to love that show with that guy?

Season 2 uproots the cast from suburban New York to the small town of Jarden, Texas—the only place on Earth where not a single person was taken away. The Leftovers shares a creator with Lost, and both shows are famously stingy with the solutions to their riddles. So there are no answers to be found one episode into season two, but there are an awful lot of mysteries, with the same dark, Biblical imagery that powered the first season.

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Trailer Tuesdays: Underworld Awakening

You know, I’ve been feeling a little vamped out since I discovered that the undead sparkle, but the Underworld movies have always been a great cure for that. I love everything about them, from the very aesthetically-pleasing-to-stare-at Selene kicking ass, to the constant blue tint that never goes the hell away.

And after some very questionable books and movies with vampires lately, Underworld just goes straight back the original source materials, the legends we know, and doesn’t fuck around with them.

And this trailer promises that the new movie will be just as good as the last ones.

One complaint I have heard though—from Lady Geek Girl, particularly—is that Michael will not be in this movie, which makes no sense, since she was only captured for twelve years and he’s practically undefeatable. And that begs the question: how did the humans even capture Selene? She seems to have no trouble breaking out.

Anyways, the movie is apparently about her looking for Michael and their daughter Eve. Yes, they have a daughter. No, I didn’t know that either until about ten minutes ago. I also keep hearing rumors that Michael will be in this, but he’s not currently credited, so at this point, I don’t think anyone really knows.

Regardless, this is definitely a movie I’ll be seeing, and at the moment, I highly recommend it.