Web Crush Wednesdays: MoonSticks

Guess who’s in a Sailor Moon mood lately? If you guessed me, you’re correct! Today’s Web Crush is one of my favorite Sailor Moon fan projects: Chibi Jen’s parody comic MoonSticks!

jr9fangirls1111Any fan of Sailor Moon knows that as awesome as the show is, there are many logical inconsistencies. Chibi Jen’s comic loves to point these out and lightly (and sometimes not-so-lightly) mock them:

The entire fourth season solved in four panels

The entire fourth season could’ve been resolved in four panels

If you’re the kind of viewer who watches a show and constantly finds yourself thinking “How is no one seeing the simple solution here??” chances are you’ll find many of your complaints addressed in these comics. For example, why did so many secondary characters disappear in the later seasons and why did no one seem to notice they were gone?

MoonSticks- Where's Naru-chanThe comics don’t only exploit the illogical aspects of the story, despite there being ample material for that. Sometimes they just take humorous looks at situations or characters from the series.

MoonSticks- A Sailor Soldier's PrideI love these comics. Not only are they funny and clever, the artwork is really cute and I never get tired of reading and re-reading them. New ones aren’t produced very often, but if you’re interested in keeping up with them, you can like the Facebook page or follow Chibi Jennifer on Tumblr.

Fanfiction Fridays: Light and Shadow by rufftoon

So today’s fanfiction is for Rise of the Guardians, but it is a little different from the norm. It’s actually a fan comic series that I found on deviantART. It chronicles Pitch’s time during the Dark Ages, and it talks about the things he fears, relationship with children, and why the Guardians first fought him and removed him from power.

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