Web Crush Wednesdays: Marry Me, Jaehee!

You may recall earlier this year when I spoke of Mystic Messenger, the mobile dating sim game created by Korean company Cheritz that blew up in certain circles on the internet. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the game, I lamented that Jaehee’s route—the only woman on the datable cast—left off on a wholly unsatisfying note. To that effect, not too much later I recommended a fic that I hoped would soothe the pangs left by Cheritz. This time, I aim to do the same, but through a different medium. Though the fandom has quieted, if you’re like me and still eagerly, but silently, waiting for more Mystic Messenger content, I bring to you this fan-made game starring none other than the queen of the RFA: Jaehee Kang.

web crush wednesdaysSpoilers for Mystic Messenger below!

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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: The RPG

Sailor Moon the RPGHello all! More Sailor Moon goodies are popping up all over the place as the worldwide revival continues. We’ve gotten the new musical; the new anime starts in January; there’s an art book on the way; and piles and piles of new merchandise. Yet with all this new media, there’s only been one new video game released: the Italian Sailor Moon: La Luna Splende in 2011. Thankfully, some dedicated fans have been putting in tons of work to fill that gap and are creating Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: The RPG, a massive, story-driven game which will be available for download upon completion.

According to the game’s website, the projected release is some time in 2015 which, agh, I know, feels like an eternity to wait, but looking at all they have planned to include, I’m willing to wait. Now, full disclosure, I am by no means a gamer. I don’t own any gaming systems and the most recent piece of gaming equipment I bought was my Game Boy Advance, which spends most of its time sitting in my nightstand drawer unless I get struck with a wave of Pokémon nostalgia. That said, I still look forward to this game a lot. From the screencaps released so far, it looks like a classic 16-bit game, which were always my favorites.

Sailor Moon RPG- ScreencapThe team plans to release a total of twelve games, six of which will be major stories relating to the five arcs of the manga and anime, and another six smaller stories meant to lead from one arc into another. The games can be played in order or separately, but when played in order, extra bonuses can be gathered to help with the following missions and saved data transfers from one game to the next. As a very casual gamer, this and most of the other features planned for the game go pretty high over my head, but it seems like the game will be straightforward enough for players like me, while having enough intricacies for more advanced gamers.

What I really look forward to is the story, more so than the game-play. I honestly never get tired of the Sailor Moon story and all the variations of it. I mean, I’ve seen the Dark Kingdom arc interpreted from the original manga version some six or seven times between the anime, live-action series, fan films, and musicals and I’ve loved it every time. A new presentation of the story I love is always welcome, in my book, and even though I’m not a very proficient gamer, I’m ready to embrace a video game version next.