Fanfiction Fridays: The Exchange by Goddess of Birth

All of us have that fandom where we have read almost every pairing. For me, it’s Harry Potter. I spent so much time in that fandom that I feel I’ve read pretty much every pairing possible. But I haven’t been deeply involved in the Harry Potter fandom in a while, and nature abhors a vacuum. So of course I found a new fandom to delve into, and that was Teen Wolf. I have been reading so many different pairings in the Teen Wolf fandom, and like with Harry Potter, I have found some real gems.

more-peter-haleOne fanfic in particular that I loved focused on Chris Argent/Peter Hale: a relatively popular pairing that I was just never very interested in until recently, when I found a fic which had a plot that intrigued me. The Exchange is a medieval fantasy AU in which Chris Argent asks the Hales to fulfill a treaty that would provide him with a bride. However, the Hales send Peter when they were meant to send Talia, causing lots of conflict for not only Peter, but also Chris and his entire kingdom.

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Fanfiction Fridays: The Way Forward by AllTheBellsInVenice

I, like many other young fledglings growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s, have a special sort of relationship with the film Labyrinth. And no, before you say anything, it’s not the relationship between viewers and David Bowie’s famed bulge. At its core, Labyrinth is a film about growing up, and while certainly applicable to boys, the film seems so much richer when viewing it from a girl’s perspective. It’s a story where a girl’s desire to dream and create isn’t diminished or looked down upon, but instead gives her power. A story where a girl can, even in the most uncertain of situations, take control and overcome a multitude of trials with her own wit and kindness (and cruelty). A story in which a girl’s budding sexuality isn’t hidden beneath layers of slut-shaming or virgin-worshiping, but is instead shown with a nuance that says “only when you’re ready.” This film shaped so much of my views as well as me as a person that it was only a matter of time before I reviewed a fic for it.

Labyrinth Sarah and FriendsAs this movie is so important to me, I honestly wondered if this day would ever come; I’m already picky as hell about fic recommendations, and with this added scrutiny, well, maybe two years into this blog isn’t so unbelievable a timeframe. However, AllTheBellsInVenice’s The Way Forward has so much of the Labyrinth in it that I would hate myself for not sharing it with the rest of my potential fellow fans.

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Fanfiction Fridays: So we all are growing young by CherryIce

The Bubbline-shipping side of the internet dissolved into hoopla two weeks ago when Marceline’s voice actress appeared to confirm the fan-favorite pairing’s canonicity at a Q&A session. “Bubbline is canon!”, everyone from shipping blogs to geek journalists declared joyfully. However, to paraphrase one of The Mary Sue‘s commenters, everyone seemed to be playing fast and loose with the idea of ‘canon’. It’s nice if the creator has an extensive backstory for a character, and nicer if that backstory includes queerness, but canon means it happens in the show. Like, where cute little LGBTQ+ kids can see that not all romantic love has to be between a girl and a boy.

Anyway, frustrated with all the shenanigans, I decided to turn to fanfic, where I knew I would find people with the guts to actually include queer characters in their narratives. And in honor of the source of the drama, I’ve got a lovely Bubbline fic for you this week. Continue reading