Fanfiction Fridays: Words To Me by SolarMorrigan

It being the month of Halloween, with the actual day right around the corner, I decided I would go looking for something from a spooky fandom to rec for this particular Fanfiction Fridays. Of course, I realized shortly thereafter that I’m not in any particularly spooky fandoms, being a certified scaredy-cat and all. So instead I turned to a fandom that, while not too spooky in practice, is, in fairness, flush with ghosts and monsters in canon. Yes, I’m talking about Scooby-Doo.

I’d never ventured into the smallish Scooby-Doo section on AO3 before, but I was pleased to find a wide variety of fics there, especially fic supporting the Velma/Daphne pairing. Words To Me is one of those, and imagines a world where the Mystery, Inc. gang regularly hunt for-realsies monsters rather than capitalists in masks. Nothing particularly scary happens in this short, sweet fic, unless you consider that the real monster was facing your feelings all along.

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Fanfiction Fridays: The Chilling Crimes of Chinchilla Chick by Traincat

Squirrel Girl! @unbeatablesg
WHO EATS NUTS KICKS BUTTS AND JUST KISSED THE RADDEST ROOMMATE EVER idk but i bet she’s super cool and finished all her homework

Squirrel Girl! @unbeatablesg
LIKE A CHAMP #eatsnutskicksbutts #andassignments

Nancy W @sewwiththeflo
So glad Mew approves of my new relationship. That would’ve been awkward. #neithersinglenorreadytomingle

Squirrel Girl! @unbeatablesg
@sewwiththeflo Hahaha but it would’ve worked out anyway right Nancy

Squirrel Girl! @unbeatablesg
@sewwiththeflo Nancy?

Squirrel Girl! @unbeatablesg
@sewwiththeflo NANCY

Squirrel Girl! @unbeatablesg
@starkmantony aw you ol’ softie you! thanks for the edible arrangement!

Tony Stark @starkmantony
@unbeatablesg Don’t mention it. Really.

Squirrel Girl! @unbeatablesg
@starkmantony could’ve used more nuts, though

Tony Stark @starkmantony
@unbeatablesg What did I just say?

The first time Nancy kissed Doreen she tasted like acorn buttercream and New York City grit. Nancy had never thought of that as a winning combination, but somehow Doreen made it work. She also dipped Nancy, because Doreen kissed like she did everything else: with 300% enthusiasm and like she’d learned it off a pack of trading cards written by a maniac in a full-face mask.

The Chilling Crimes of Chinchilla Chick may not be an actual canonical Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comic, but it’s pretty much the next best thing. Actually, it’s got femslash, so it’s inherently better. Let’s do this.

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Fanfiction Fridays: Coronation by Lirillith

Shipping has never really been my thing, but as most of the ships I do read are M/M, it wasn’t too hard to figure out that there was some internalized sexism influencing my reading choices. As such, I decided to think long and hard about what F/F pairings I might like to jump into. Considering that Final Fantasy VII was one of my very first fandoms, it came as no surprise to me that that was where I ended up starting.

aerith-gainsboroughTifa and Aerith are two beloved characters of mine. Both are love interests to Cloud in canon, but despite being romantic rivals, they remain good and close friends up until Aerith’s untimely death. What I have discovered is even better than their close friendship, though, is the idea that they could have hidden romantic feelings for each other.

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Fanfiction Fridays: and as I recall you used to be mine by likebrightness

Saika and I finally finished Jessica Jones this week, and of course, the first thing I did was rush off to AO3 to see if anyone was writing about Jessica and Trish Walker together. When we started the show, I knew that Jess was supposed to be in a relationship with Luke Cage, so when Saika asked me who I thought Trish was, I didn’t really have any good ideas. Two episodes later, though, my response was just !!!!!

Not to be outdone by my shouting, the show only proceeded to get queerer from there.

Not to be outdone by my shouting, the show only proceeded to get queerer from there.

However, despite the clear subtext, Jessica Jones never gave me enough of Trish and Jess’s backstory. I spent a lot of the time wondering why we were hearing about Hogarth’s love woes and why Simpson was even a thing, and not enough time hearing about how Trish and Jessica met. Whether or not they had been in a relationship, the girls had grown up together, and I’d hoped we could get more than one flashback ep out of that. Fortunately, fanfic is here to help.

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Fanfiction Fridays: see me now by seventhswan

Big Hero 6 has quickly become a favorite in my household, and I was struck during a recent re-re-rewatch with the realization that fanfic shipping Honey Lemon and Gogo might be a thing that exists. AO3 quickly validated me by providing not just one, but a number of delightful femslash fics. Of all these, I especially loved seventhswan’s see me now.

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Fanfiction Fridays: The Good Shepard by Wifeofbath

I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic lately, perhaps in part because I’ve been trying to remember a time where the world wasn’t covered in snow. Oh, those were the good old days. What’s better for these cold parts of winter, though, than curling up and re-playing a good RPG? So, riding on the coat-tails of this North Eastern bullshit blizzard and the not-bullshit-at-all Femslash February, I managed to discover a fic that delivered on the warm feelings from Mass Effect, a series near and dear to my heart, while not ignoring the consequences of a galaxy-wide threat that almost destroyed civilization.

Maybe I’m stretching a little bit: I know Mass Effect (2007) isn’t exactly old enough to be considered “nostalgic”, and this fic stems from the last game in the series, which came out in 2012, which makes it even less so. Still, The Good Shepard by Wifeofbath invokes these feelings of nostalgia by the sense of home it has in its tone. However, home isn’t always free of conflicts.

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Fanfiction Fridays: What Spring Does by thrace

The Legend of Korra fandom has always been the unicorn of fandoms. Even before the finale confirmed that Korra and Asami were indeed in love, the Korrasami pairing had more fanworks than any other ship in the show. Few fandoms can claim a femslash pairing as their top commodity, and fewer still can give that honor to women of color.

never over it korrasami

If you wanna take time for yet another victory lap before hitting the jump, by all means do so. Hell, I’ll take one with you.

Far be it from me to assume I’ve ever hit the peak with these two, though. Finding this fanfic has taught me that Korrasami is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Fanfiction Fridays: Bella Figura by basset_voyager

It’s hard to believe that as recently as December, there wasn’t a TV show called Agent Carter. In those days, I had a whole set of interests that weren’t about Agent Carter. It was hard.

The bad news is that so far, we’ve only got three episodes of Agent Carter. Something like 130 minutes. That, friends, is why the Internet emerged from the nether to fulfill all our needs.

AO3 Agent CarterWheee!

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Fanfiction Fridays: Experimental by hotskytrosky

Birthday near Christmas, Cosima had said. That sucked. Did it? Delphine wanted to say, Who says I am a Christian anyway? to expose the bias of her charge’s mind, the part that assumed blonde white French girls must have grown up with a cross on the wall and a midnight mass to go to instead of staying up for Santa.

Who says I am a Christian anyway? She thought about it. It was too revealing. She kept her mouth closed.

The subject leaned across the table, eyes wide and made even wider by the dancing reflections on her glasses. Influence of external conditions, Dr. Cormier thought. The subject’s myopia, induced by long nights reading under the covers with a flashlight, was well-documented by now; she had no need to make note of it. But make note of it she did; her eyes traced the thick line of the frames and the thick line of kohl underneath, the lashes and strong brows and tan skin making up a perfectly unique, perfectly identical organism.

Maybe, Dr. Cormier thought, if she stepped back she would be able to see the subject for what it was. A scientific miracle, a first step on the moon, a perfect copy. Maybe looking too closely, with Cosima leaning across the table so far her wrap sweater threatened to steal a sip of wine for itself, distorted the full image, like looking at the shape of puzzle pieces and forgetting the picture they comprised.

I love Orphan Black, but I’ve always been a little iffy about Dr. Delphine Cormier, Cosima’s girlfriend and monitor. Cosima fell instantly for Delphine’s French accent and blonde curls, but, you know, sometimes Cosima makes bad life choices. Delphine was quickly revealed to be an employee of the Dyad institute, someone who worked directly for Leekie, but she claimed that she really did love Cosima. Were we supposed to buy it? I wasn’t so sure, especially after it looked like she and Leekie had been in a relationship, or were at least seen in a compromising position. Was Delphine lying? Or was she telling the truth? By the end of Season 2, the writers had pushed us firmly towards the latter, but I still couldn’t shake the feeling that it was all a poorly written version of the “I don’t love girls, I just love you” trope. And because the show is mostly from the point of view of the clones and their allies, we got very few scenes from Delphine’s perspective to help us clarify the situation. Fortunately, fanfiction can be from any perspective the author wants. Enter today’s fanfic rec: Experimental.

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Fanfiction Fridays: A Sure Thing by thingswithwings

Nebula leaves gifts for Gamora to find.

The first is a bomb, the big, impressive kind of bomb that Nebula tends to favour, slick polished metal, beautiful in the way that Nebula is beautiful. It is sitting obtrusively in the prison cell with the Selenian diplomat that she and Quill and the others are trying to rescue, wired so that they will have to disarm it in order to free hir.

“What the fuck,” Rocket says, delving into the machinery. “I don’t even know what this is.”

Gamora glances down, but only for a moment; she’s charged herself with keeping watch over Rocket while he works, and it’s a responsibility she takes seriously. She’s never known anyone except Nebula who built explosives like this, and if Nebula is trying to kill them, there may yet be more to her plan.

“Don’t touch it,” she hisses, right before Rocket’s wicked little claw comes in contact with the glass. He freezes, listening to instructions for once. “It’s vibration-sensitive, it’ll set the whole bomb off.”

“Your sister’s a real prize, you know that?”

“I do,” Gamora says. It’s not an untrue statement, in its way.

As anyone who’s been in my vicinity since the Guardians of the Galaxy movie premiered knows, I think it could have been so much better than it was. One of my biggest peeves about the movie was that it totally wasted the massive potential present in Gamora and Nebula. They had so much going for them—codependent rivals, adopted sisters and daughters of a dog-eat-dog father, cybernetically enhanced child soldiers all grown up—and yet none of that was really developed on-screen.


Apparently there was a movie prequel comic, though.

Thankfully, there is such a thing as fanfiction. And while A Sure Thing is not the novel-length movie prequel about Gamora and Nebula growing up together in Thanos’s court that’s at the top of my Christmas list, it’s still totally awesome in its own right.

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