Fanfiction Fridays: the sharp edge of survival by with_the_monsters

Massive spoiler alert: everyone dies at the end of Rogue One. (That’s okay to say now, right?) The rebel crew, after a long-fought battle on Scarif, get the plans for the Death Star out to Leia Organa, but are all killed in the destruction of the planet. It makes sense from a storytelling perspective; if Jyn, Cassian, and everyone else were good enough to survive Scarif, it wouldn’t make any sense if we didn’t see them fighting alongside Luke and Leia in the original movies. So they had to die. However, if you, like me, left the movie asking yourself “did they really have to die, though???” today’s fanfic is for you.

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Fanfiction Fridays: people, not places by kinneys

I started reading Saga back when Saika first recced it on this blog, and so far, it’s been a great ride. While I love Alana, Marko, and Hazel, my favorite part of the comic is actually The Will, his sidekick Lying Cat, and his plotline with Sophie. The Will starts out as a Freelancer who’s hunting down our protagonists, but he quickly gets sidetracked when he accidentally encounters a young girl, Sophie, being held captive as a sex slave. In trying to free her, he gets himself into a lot of trouble. The Will, Sophie, Gwendolyn, and The Brand are an unique iteration of Saga‘s focus on family, and they’re my favorite type of family—the found family type. Which is why I was so annoyed when the comic switched focus to the robots, who I don’t care about at all. Fortunately, in AO3’s small collection of Saga fanfic, there was one that seemed like it was written just for me.

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Fanfiction Fridays: here comes the fighter by peppermintcas

We’ve talked a little about Sense8 on this blog before, and although we haven’t reviewed the entire show, I can say it was certainly a show that took enormous risks—some of which paid off and some of which, well, didn’t. However, one of my favorite tropes is the found family trope, and Sense8 fulfilled this one to a T. Our eight protagonists discover that they’re sensates, and that they’re bound together in a cluster until death do them part. With Season 2 of Sense8 around the corner, I went looking for fics about the found family part of the show—and found a great fic rec for you guys today.

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