Theatre Thursdays: My Heart Loves the View, But My Head Doesn’t; or, Girls in the High School Musical Franchise

high school musicalHigh School Musical has long been one of my favorite Disney franchises, mostly because I love a good high school AU, and High School Musical is the most high school you could possibly pack into a single set of movies. There’s just something about its over-the-top clichés that really speaks to me. Unfortunately, one of these clichés is its terrible development of its female characters.

Spoilers for all three movies after the jump.

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Theatre Thursdays: High School Musical

So guess what? Corbin Bleu, of High School Musical fame, is on Dancing with the Stars this season to strut his stuff, and he’s clearly not ashamed of his High School Musical past, as per the adorable homage he paid to it above. Lucas Grabeel was even there to cheer him on from the sidelines, which warmed my little Chad/Ryan shipper heart. But sadly, after I ended up rewatching the entire film series in a fit of Dancing with the Stars-induced nostalgia, I’ve come to realize that High School Musical is sort of like the steak TV dinner that you really like until you realize that real steak tastes about a thousand times better.

Spoilers, if you haven’t already heard everything there is to hear about this Disney film, after the jump.

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