“Get Off My Planet”: Doctor Who Season 9 Finale Review

Did you watch it? Have you seen the Doctor Who finale yet? No? I’ll wait.

doctor who season 9Great. It’s been a few days and spoilers are all but impossible to avoid, but you really need to get caught up on Doctor Who. The finale was chock full of twists, surprises, and tears, but I think Steven Moffat has at long last figured out how to combine character death with time travel and leave me feeling satisfied without the depression. Let me tell you why.

Spoilers abound for the last few episodes of Doctor Who’s ninth season.

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The Destinations of Doctor Who

The TARDIS allows the Doctor to travel anywhere in time and space. The familiar faces from the commentaries of the previous episodes in this series return to talk about the many places we’ve seen the Doctor and his companions go.  (Sadly, we never saw Raxicoricofallipatorius as a destination in Doctor Who, so I didn’t get to hear a bunch of celebrities trying to pronounce it.)

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