Throwback Thursdays: Gargoyles

As adults, I think most of us have come to accept that the shows we loved as kids were maybe not as perfect as the haze of nostalgia made them seem. The nature of kids’ shows is that they tend to be pretty clumsy with their metaphors, absolutist with their portrayals of good and evil, and hesitant to address any concepts that are too “complex.” My last Throwback Thursday looked a 90’s show that was virtually unwatchable, even for nostalgia’s sake: a bland, shallow, under-developed money grab, cruising along on the wakes of better action cartoons of the era. All the way at the other end of the watchability scale is the show Gargoyles, a childhood favorite of mine that has more than stood the test of time. If you ignore the third season and forgive the bad Scottish accents, Gargoyles was about as perfect as a cartoon of its era could possibly be. It thrived on tough subjects and determinedly defied convention to make a truly exceptional show.

Gargoyles cartoon animated

Muffled rap music plays in the background.

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Trailer Tuesdays: I, Frankenstein

Should I start crying now or later?

Seriously, there are so many interesting stories out there, waiting to be told, missing out on their chance at the big screen because some production company thought “yes, what we need is a generic dark urban fantasy story about Harvey Dent fighting shapeshifting gargoyles. Oooh, and let’s throw an innocent and generic blonde romantic interest, some religious imagery, and lots of explosions in, too!” Continue reading