Cloudy Days in Love Live! Sunshine!!: Where Bad Communication and Gaslighting Collide

Perhaps to the surprise of very few, it wasn’t too long ago that I sat down and finished Love Live!’s second incarnation, Love Live! Sunshine!!. For all intents and purposes, Sunshine is exactly the same plot as the first Love Live!: a group of three second-year high school girls working hard to become school idols, eventually recruiting three first-years and winning over the skeptical group of three third-years to round out their final group. While a good portion of the Love Live! fanbase and tenets the show is built on are problematic due to their sexualization of young girls, the show itself is typically not any worse than any other anime you may have seen. Unfortunately, though the first season gave me a wealth of girls supporting girls and legitimately touching moments, Sunshine never quite got its feet off the ground. Much of this can be attributed to protagonist Chika’s lack of personality or drive, but the aspect that truly ruined the whole season beyond redemption was the gaslighting of Mari by the two friends she trusted the most, and the show does nothing to show how what they did was wrong.

Spoilers if you haven’t watched past Episode 8 of Sunshine.

Love Live Sunshine Kanan Mari2

(Screencap via Love Live! Sunshine!!, “Young Dreamer”)

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Hannibal: “Kaiseki” Review

hannibal-season-2When we left off last season, everything was terrible, Abigail might have been (was almost definitely) dinner, and Will had just been imprisoned for Hannibal’s murder spree. Now, finally, after a long and awful HeAteUs and weeks of increasingly upsetting promotional material, Hannibal has returned to TV. My short, spoilerless review of last night’s episode goes something like this: “Oh god I was not ready why did I think doing episode reviews of this show was a good idea where is my blankie.”

…A more coherent and far more spoiler-filled review awaits you after the jump. Also, consider this your requisite trigger warning for discussions of violence, body horror, and cannibalism. It’s Hannibal, after all—what would it be without any of those awful things?

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