Manga Mondays: Love Isn’t for the Weak-Hearted (pt. 2)

Last week, I posted about George Asakura’s first volume of A Perfect Day for Love Letters, so why don’t we finish up the series this week? In my opinion, what sets these two books apart is the collective tone of the stories. The first volume is much closer to what one would expect  from a normal shoujo—well, even then I don’t think it’s too terribly close—whereas in this second volume the stories get a little more serious and even explore different types of love (i.e.: not just romantic). So, let’s just hop right in!

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Manga Mondays: Love Isn’t for the Weak-Hearted (pt. 1)

Sometimes I run into a series that makes me re-examine the reasons why I love a certain genre, for better or worse. This time, it’s for the better. A Perfect Day for Love Letters by George Asakura is a harsher look into the topic of love in a completely imperfect environment. As opposed to other series where it seems as though the universe is contained in its own little pocket of space that exists to martyr the female protagonist, no one is safe in the hands of Asakura. In fact, unlike 90% of the shoujos in publication right now, not all the stories are confined to high school doki-dokis.

Asakura’s art style also lends itself to this ‘reality of love’. No one, no one in this series is overtly beautiful or sparkly. Boys are hardly ever close to being bishonen and the girls make some of the most unattractive faces in the series. And it’s freaking great. It allows the reader to make their own conclusions about the relationships rather than subconsciously being drawn towards one person over the other because of their perceived trope.

This review is going to be a little different than the others because, as I stated previously, this series is comprised of a compilation of stories rather than having one overarching plot. As such, I’m going to go over each story briefly just so the difference in theme can be more easily seen. If it sounds like I’m trying to sell the series to you, I am. Read it. Seriously. So, let’s take a look at these imperfect lovers.

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