Kotoura-san Offers Friendship and Healing, But At What Cost

You’d think that by now I’d realize that Facebook is dangerous. No, I wasn’t drawn into a debate with relatives who don’t seem to understand that being an awful, ignorant person on all facets should not be a viable political platform. I was drawn, instead, to watching an anime. Usually those ripped video clips stuck between two white bars that say something to the effect of “When you break up with a girl in anime😂😂” don’t grab me, but this video did. Here, let me show you. (Content warning for child abuse and bullying.)

These are the first nine minutes of the 2013 anime Kotoura-san, and immediately after watching this I knew I had to look up the summary to see if it was worth investing any more time in. I had no interest in watching a series devoted to the further torturing of its protagonist; however, the summary wasted no time in saying that this series was a romantic comedy (what?) that focused on the titular Kotoura-san making friends and healing from her childhood trauma. What followed was, yes, that in generous helpings. But Kotoura-san was also filled with, in equal parts, a bunch of uncomfortable sexual harassment and an unsatisfying narrative resolution to parental negligence which only served to undermine the actual good things going on.

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Why Natalia Takes the Crown as My Favorite Female Tales Character

Tales of the Abyss Natalia ChibiAs seasons go through their rotation and years pass, things undoubtedly change. However, I know that one thing never will: my hatred for stereotypical white mage characters. I’ve bemoaned the stagnancy of the white mage trope in JRPGs before. However, I do believe that, in some respects, the paradigm is shifting toward a less sexist portrayal and a more nuanced expression of healing magic. That’s not what I’m talking about today, though. Not explicitly.

Looking through the JRPGs I’ve played, I’ve come to terms with having a lot of favorites. And picking between them feels like picking between children: I love them all, how can I choose? But there’s one character who has stuck out in my mind as particularly memorable; partially because I hated her at first, but then because her arc was one of the most compelling in the entire game. Today, I must pay homage to one of the many queens of my heart: Princess Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear.

Spoilers below the cut—if you haven’t played the game, I really urge you to do so before reading this. It’s an experience I wouldn’t want to ruin for you.

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