Fanfiction Fridays: The Wise Man’s Tree by CurrieBelle

I had every intention of looking up a fic that had some of that holiday spirit in it, but then something surprising came and slapped me right in the face. There are few things that grab my attention more than Gothic horror romances, so when I found a fic that was both a Gothic Victorian AU and for a series that I’ve come to truly love and appreciate within the realms of fiction and in a more meta context, whatever plans I may have had for this article promptly died where they stood.

Over this year Critical Role has become a show that’s affected me deeply, and its several-year run has helped induce a tabletop roleplaying boom across the web. The show features seven voice actors and actresses—Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, Laura Bailey, Taliesin Jaffe, Liam O’Brian, Ashley Johnson, and Travis Willingham—along with fellow voice actor Matthew Mercer taking the role of DM, as they play through their D&D campaign. While some may not see the appeal of watching a bunch of people play D&D on camera, for many (myself included) it’s a new, vibrant way of experiencing a story that has just as much impact as a comic or a television show, with the added fun of OOC japes and fan content thrown in. While it’s on its 78th episode, with each episode being roughly three or four hours long, I still highly recommend experiencing the story for yourself. But, without further ado, let’s dive into today’s AU fanfic of Critical Role.

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Crimson Peak is a Perfectly Spooky Delight

crimson peakRight up until the movie started, I wasn’t sure if Crimson Peak was going to be too scary for me. As I said when I reviewed the trailer, I have a markedly low bar for horror movies—even shit that’s not even horror, or that’s been universally reviled for its badness (Signs, for example) has been known to give me nightmares. But in the end, this movie was tense and had some visually terrifying moments, but was—at least to me—right in the Goldilocks zone of just creepy enough.

Spoilers for the movie below the jump.

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