Manga Mondays: Green Blood

I wrote a post when I initially discovered this series, and I now feel there has been enough of it to warrant a Manga Monday.

Green Blood is set in turbulent post-Civil War New York City, which is filled with brothels, violence, and gangs. The story follows Brad Burns, an assassin known as the Grim Reaper, who works for the biggest gang in the area, the Grave Diggers, and his naïve and idealistic younger brother Luke (who knows nothing of his older brother’s career choices) as they try and create a better life for themselves. There aren’t that many chapters out right now, so you could read it in one sitting.

First things first, if you do not like violence or things-that-are-done-in-brothels in your manga, this series is not for you.

Nowadays, I have come to expect mediocrity from my manga. Series like Naruto and Bleach that once had fantastic characters and plot lines are now resting on their laurels and not putting forth anything shocking; I read both of them out of habit. Green Blood, on the other hand, is thrilling and not afraid to throw the unexpected curve-ball. It really helps that one of the characters is pretty much a psychopath (jury’s still out on some of the others).

Also the art is amazing. And beautiful.

Who else tries this hard to make things pretty in the middle of a fight?! Nobody! And that’s part of the reason why I love it. Also, both the pictures featured here are much more impressive in their two page spreads.

My favorite character is Emma, the prostitute. She has such an interesting relationship with Brad (a strong, silent type) and she really brings out the most in him. She knows Brad better than Luke knows Brad, which is rare in a shounen manga. She also isn’t afraid to express her mind or put her money where her mouth is (sorry this is vague, any more would be spoilers).

For a while, I had people telling me I needed to watch Copper on BBC. And I said I didn’t need it because I had Green Blood, and felt that nothing could be better. I still feel that way. So far, this series has been perfectly executed in more ways than one. The art is visually stunning, the plot line is well developed and complex, and there are strong and unique characters. What more could I possibly want?

Green Blood Review

I know that I should be waiting to write this for a Manga Monday (maybe I’ll do that when the series is farther along) but today I discovered the series Green Blood (here it is on mangastream). Can I just say this is one of the most promising series I’ve seen in a while? The art work is gorgeous and the plot looks like it’s moving in a direction (with series like Bleach and Naruto, plot direction at all is something positive) and I like the two main characters. It is set in New York City after the Civil War and is about gangs. And so far, I haven’t seen any glowing inaccuracies (besides the outrageous amount of carnage). If you don’t like graphic violence, don’t read this. But if you are looking for something new to check out, click the link above and start reading!