Haters Gonna Hate

In many ways, this blog is an outlet. No matter what this blog becomes, it still started as an outlet for several people to voice their opinion on culture, using geek culture as the go-between. Some of us focus on feminism. Others focus on sexual equality. I’ve spent most of my time here focusing on the plight of those with disabilities.

We get a lot of comments daily. Some praise us; some chastise us in a honorable manner, and some just attempt to attack every fiber of our being. The writers of those comments seem to hate us, sometimes for sport. It’s frustrating.

Oracle 1The “hate for hate’s sake” concept has been around forever. Adolf Hitler’s hate for the non-Aryan race may have had an explanation in his mind, but really it was just hate for being different. A lot of the gay-bashing that goes on today just boils down to “I hate gays because they’re not straight.” No logic in that statement.

Even disabilities such as autism gather immense amounts of hate.

And this has bled over into comic books.

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