Web Crush Wednesdays: haterfreewednesdays

jr9fangirls1111I got into American comics fandom over a year ago now, and doing it terrified me. Many women have told horror stories about their first foray into a comics shop. Although comics as a fandom has taken many steps forward in the last few years, there’s still a tremendously long way to go to make a community where everyone feels safe and welcomed. The plethora of stories about awful misogynistic comic book store staff and patrons being rude to potential female customers was nearly enough to scare me away.

In the end, my desire to not let assholes control my behavior (and my desire to hold a copy of Hawkeye in my hands) trumped my fears, and it turned out that my local comic book store was staffed entirely by friendly, welcoming people.

It would have been nice to know that beforehand, though, and that’s where haterfreewednesdays comes in. Continue reading