Web Crush Wednesdays: Adam The Woo

How to describe Adam The Woo? Well, allow me to utilize his theme song:

Adam The Woo goes on adventures for you!

He don’t even ask your mom!

If you wanna see his zany journeys

Go to adamthewoo.com!


Can I just mention how much I actually love the phrase “Aw shit, son”? It’s something my college roommate used to say and I always thought it was a funny phrase, so I like hearing it sung/screamed at the beginning of each video.

Adam the Woo is a fun YouTube adventurer who explores abandoned and haunted places in the US. There are many Tubers who do similar things and I enjoy them, but Adam is the most enjoyable one I’ve come across because he doesn’t try to make the places seem scary. Watching Adam’s videos is a fun experience that appeals to the explorer that I believe exists in all of us.

Adam goes on his adventures with his friends who are some pretty neat characters. Jinger, who appears in the video embedded above, is probably my favorite traveling companion of his. They just seem to have the most fun together.

Even when checking out legendarily haunted places Adam keeps his sense of humor. The places themselves may be creepy, and Adam embraces that, but he doesn’t try to make it “Oooooh so spooky…” by his behavior and I love it.

Adam also takes us on tours of filming locations for some great movies, very often horror movies. You can tell the love he has for these films by his knowledge of them and the effort he puts into the tours, documenting each noteworthy location and sharing them with fellow fans such as us.

The Woman in Black: Good Movie, or Just another Typical Ghost Story?

With the exception of a few movies here and there, I generally avoid motion pictures in the horror genre. Something like Vampires and Lycans is okay, but dead people popping out at me with sinisterly loud music flaring up in the background always results in my screaming and covering my eyes, no matter how stupid the scene may be. One of the main reasons I try to avoid this category is that nowadays directors and writers seem to have misplaced the definition of “scary” with the definition of “gory”. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with the movie my friend and I went to see just a couple nights ago.

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