Sexualized Saturdays: The Non-Homophobic Utopia

I’m trying to create a world where there’s no racism, there’s no sexism, there’s no homophobia. And I know it’s not real life, but I kind of don’t care. I’d like to create a world where none of that matters: you have the supernatural creatures for that to work as an analogy. In my mind, if you can create a world like that on TV, maybe life starts to imitate it.

—creator Jeff Davis, about Teen Wolf (x)

Welcome to the non-homophobic utopia, everyone. I don’t necessarily mean a utopian society; moreso, I mean a society where there are absolutely no built-in social mores about same-sex relations, to the point where discrimination based on such is unheard of and even confusing when outsiders bring it up. If this society is an alien race in a science fictional work, that race may not even have a concept of sexual orientation and instead be universally pansexual.

notahomosexualWhat I want to talk about is this: in terms of fictional queer representation, is it better to show a society where there is literally no discrimination against characters who experience same-sex attraction, or is it better to show characters dealing with the same prejudice a young reader might also be facing? Let’s consider the pros and cons of each.

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Fanfiction Fridays: It’s Quiet Now by inthe_redshirt

[tw: incest]Havemercy_by_ladyjaida

Okay, so the whole premise of this fic is mad spoilers for the really excellent book Havemercy by Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett. What’s that? You haven’t read it? Well, just… put down your computer right now and go. Even if you don’t want to read this fic when you’re done. Read Havemercy. I’ll wait.

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