Web Crush Wednesdays: Meanwhile Misha

It’s Web Crush Wednesday again! Let’s talk about this week’s Web Crush: Meanwhile Misha!

Those of you who have read my posts about Supernatural know that while I am hard on the show, sometimes it is still my favorite TV show right now. And though it may not be obvious on this blog I’m not often obsessed with celebrities (the exception probably being Felicia Day). Oh yes, I go into phases were I love one actor/actress more than any other, but it usually fades after all and I usually tend to not care about their day-to-day life. Don’t get me wrong; If my favorite actor/actress is getting married or something and I hear about it, I think it’s nice for them, but I tend to get more obsessed with characters than the celebrities that play them. The thing is, I just don’t know these people in real life. I never wanted to conflate a character with their actor, and I never wanted to be let down if an actor/actress ended not being nice at all. But then there was Misha…

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