In Brightest Day: Big Hero 6 and Grief

bh6 deathAh, Big Hero 6. We wrote about the trailer a while ago, but never came back to review the movie. But, as I’m sure you already know, there’s no need: this movie’s awesomeness is clear to anyone who’s seen it. Big Hero 6 is about a young robotics prodigy, Hiro Hamada, who only wants to use his smarts to design robots for illegal robot fights. His older brother Tadashi, however, manages to steer Hiro toward using his talents for good by introducing him to his university, the San Fransokyo Institue of Technology (SFIT). Hiro meets all Tadashi’s friends and Tadashi’s robot creation, Baymax, a robot that’s designed to diagnose and cure the sick, and after seeing everything, he’s inspired to apply to SFIT himself.

As a protagonist, Hiro’s young enough that the audience can quickly tell Big Hero 6 will be a bildungsroman of some sort—how will Hiro grow up and come into his own? But in telling Hiro’s story, Big Hero 6 also managed to send a compelling message about grief and mourning. Spoilers for the whole movie after the jump.

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Trailer Tuesdays: Big Hero 6

The trailers for Big Hero 6 have been floating around for a while, and I kept seeing it on friends’ Facebook feeds and my Tumblr dashboard. So I finally decided to watch it and see what all the hype was about. Imagine my surprise when I found out about the Asian protagonist—and a lot of racism underneath.

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